Our exclusive formula for men with a form of HYPOSPADIAS or small penis since they were young. Penis size now is less then 6 inches and need guaranteed accelerated enlargement to reach a much larger penis size. Can also be used by men with a larger penis who want to take advantage of the acceleration feature and are guaranteed maximum penis enlargement.

PRO V PILLS Extra Strength is a blend of specially formulated nutraceuticals to promote tumescence (blood flow to the penis) and enhance erection related enzymes within the penis. We also include high grade extracts so that the penis stays erect longer and the flaccid state is delayed. As a result penis enlargement is increased and a thicker, fuller, stronger enlargement is possible.

You will get results within the first month but it takes 3 to 4 months for optimum results. We never automatically ship more bottles to you and bill your credit card unless you re-order.


It is a powerful natural herbal penis enlargement formula that increases penis size, sexual health and stronger erections. Combining the formulations of the type of herbs found in many parts of the world that can enlarge the penis erectile tissues. Also some of the same type of herbs found in Polynesia where the men of the Mangaian tribe have sex on the average of 3 times a night, every night. While this is not what you may wish, it is nice to know your sexual performance can improve substantially.


  • A longer ,thicker penis. Penis Enlargement up to 3 inches or 4 inches or more.

  • A longer, thicker penis even when you are not hard. Because there is more blood flow to the penis, your penis 'hangs' larger all day.

  • You will have bigger, harder erections. Because of increased blood flow your erections grow harder.

  • Erections when you want them. Rock hard erections every time. No more problems because you can't get it up and keep it up. PRO V PILLS will keep the blood flowing to your penis so you will always get hard and stay hard.

  • Stronger and more intense orgasms.

  • Stop premature ejaculations.

  • Permanently and safely enhance the size of your penis.

  • The appearance of your penis will arouse your sex partner.

  • Penile Enlargement.


    The pill will improve your sexual health, make you feel younger and you will have increased sexual desire, more stamina and greater sexual pleasure. You can take one PRO V PILL 2 times daily to keep the effects of PRO V PILLS Extra Strength in your system and to promote penis growth.

    PRO V PILLS Extra Strength is a proprietary blend of 100% safe and natural herbal ingredients.

    Take two PRO V PILLS Extra Strength daily. Can be taken anytime, day or evening, together or separately.


    How do the PRO V PILLS Extra Strength actually work?
    The PRO V PILLS Extra Strength enlarges your two erectile tissue chambers in your penis so that you hold more blood when you have an erection. This makes your penis longer and thicker.

    How many PRO V PLUS PILLS do I take?
    Take two PRO+PILLS daily any time, day or evening, together or separately.

    Will I experience any side effects?
    None. PRO V PILLS are a safe non-prescription formula.

    How long will my penis get?
    Every man is different but you can expect about a 30 % increase or greater. If you are about 6 inches you could expect an increase to 8inches or more. PRO V PILLS Extra Strength will work the longer you use it.

    How long do you continue to take PRO V PILLS Extra Strength?
    The size you are looking for has a lot to do with this.. Our recommendation is when you get to 8 inches stop taking PRO V PILLS but the choice is up to you.

    What are the ingredients of PRO V PILLS Extra Strength?
    PRO V PILLS Extra Strength is a proprietary blend of 100% safe and natural herbal ingredients.

    PRO V PILLS Extra Strength Ingredients.

    Epunedum Sagitum or Horny Goat Weed - Known in China as Yin Yang Huo. Chinese top medical doctors report that horny goat weed boosts libido and improves erectile function. Used to restore sexual fire and allay fatigue. Works by freeing up testosterone allowing to you to have a more incredible sex drive and endurance. Has been proven to be a powerful, natural aphrodisiac which will enhance physical and sexual sensations.

    Ginkgo - Medicinal use of ginkgo can be traced back 5,000 years in Chinese herbal medicine. The action of the herb may help support the brain, central nervous system and impotence. Ginkgo is known for increasing blood flow to the brain which aids in mental function. The herb also increases blood flow to the genitals which improves sexual function. In one study 78% of a group of men with impotence reported significant improvement without side effects. Ginkgo improves peripheral circulation and oxygenation.

    Oriental Ginseng - Used for general weakness and extra energy and to have aphrodisiac powers. Russian scientists show that the ginseng stimulates both physical and mental activity and has a positive effect on the sex glands and enhances athletic performance Used for impotence as it normalizes blood pressure and rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and promotes the growth of nerve tissue One of the key ingredients is the ginsenosides that alters blood flow to the brain and penis. The herb helps infertility, and premature ejaculation. It tends to build blood and sperm. Accepted for "male or yang energy" it invigorates the blood, improving circulation, and increasing vitality.

    Saw Palmetto - Known to stimulate a low libido in males and to increase sexual energy. A compound in saw palmetto has aphrodisiac effects. Several studies in Europe show that saw palmetto is an effective treatment for many men; BPH found that an extract of saw palmetto reduced prostate size by 13 percent. Enhances sexual functioning and desire and reduces cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood.

    Pausinystalia Yohimbe - Yohimbe is made from the inner bark of the Yohimbe tree from West Africa. Yohimbe increases the norepinephrine content of the corpus cavernosum which is essential for erections. Yohimbe stimulates chemical reactions in the body to help impotence.Yohimbe also boosts the adrenaline supply to nerve endings, which can quicken male sexual stimulation. Yohimbe expands the blood vessels in the genitals. Yohimbe also inhibits serotonin. This is important because increased serotonin levels inhibit sexual performance. Poor circulation can cause impotence. Yohimbe can help impotence so that men can experience fuller and longer lasting erections. Yohimbe is also responsible for psychic stimulation, heightening of sexual, emotional sensations and a useful substance for treating male sexual dysfunction.

    Ptychopetalum Olacoides - Also known as potency wood and Muira puama Known for its effective help with erectile dysfunction, increasing libido and as an aphrodisiac. Native tribes in Brazil and Venezuela have used muira puama as an aphrodisiac and a sexual tonic that promotes virility and lovemaking to enhance sexual desire and treat impotence. Muira puama is also a traditional herb for nervous exhaustion and depression and also used as a tonic for neuromuscular activity. Its use for sexual impotence use can be traced to the 1930s in Europe.

    Added Ingredients to the PRO V Pills Advanced Formula

    Maca bark,

    Native Peruvians have consumed Maca for centuries medicinally to enhance fertility and help a wide variety of hormone imbalances. Popular today due to its energizing effects, fertility enhancement and aphrodisiac qualities. Other uses include increasing stamina and endurance in athletes, treating male impotence and used by bodybuilders due to its richness in sterols. Maca greatly increases the vitality of the body. Increases the libido, sexual vigor, and both the quality and the staying power of sexual activity. Listed below are the comments of a few doctors.

    Aguila Calderon, M.D., is the former Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine at the National University of Federico Villarreal. In his practice Dr. Calderon uses maca for male impotence and erectile dysfunction. Gary F. Gordon, M.D states using this Peruvian root myself, I personally experienced a significant improvement in erectile tissue response. It has the facility to forestall the hormonal changes of aging. It acts on men to restore them to a healthy functional status in which they experience a more active libido. Doctors and Clinicians in Peru have long relied on Maca to restore sexual vitality for their patients and improve sexual enjoyment & performance.

    Aphrodisiac activity.

    Enhance libido, increase energy, stamina and endurance, improvement of male potency, increases sperm count, athletic performance, increased testosterone levels and helps with erectile dysfunction.

    Catuaba (Erythroxylum catuaba) Caramuru, juniperis brasilinsis Catuaba is a tree found in Brazil. In herbal medicine, Catuaba bark is considered a central nervous system stimulant with aphrodisiac properties and the bark extract is used for sexual weakness. Contains a variety of sexual performance enhancing properties. Reports in scientific journals have supported their use for sexual enhancement. A group of three alkaloids catuabine A, B and C are believed to enhance sexual function by stimulating the nervous system. It is very synergistic when combined with another herb Muira Puama. Together they work better and provide a powerful sexual enhancing effect. Historical uses include it's use as a male aphrodisiac, and also a tonic to the male organs. It is also used to treat male impotency and its ability to strengthen erections .. It is a strong tonic and fortifier of the nervous system and used for prostatitis capable of giving strength to men. Over a period of time the first symptoms are usually erotic dreams, and then increased sexual desire. Can help nourish and stimulate the male sexual glands and enhance the production of sexual hormones. Catuaba is used to help restore sexual prowess (combating sexual exhaustion) and male sexual impotence and can induce a feeling of sexual arousal.


    Supplement ingredient for sexual dysfunction. Relaxes blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through arteries and increase blood flow to the penis and gives erections that are harder, bigger and last longer. Men can benefit from the use of Arginine due to its vasodilating properties. In cases of erectile dysfunction or poor circulation of the extremities, Arginine will act to increase the diameter of blood vessels, thereby allowing increased blood flow to reach constricted areas. It helps in maintaining a properly functioning circulatory system Also increases libido, promotes sexual fitness has traditionally been used as a male aphrodisiac by stimulating sexual organs and improving central nervous system function. Considered as a treatment for impotence and erectile dysfunction. L-Arginine supplementation has been successful used in improving fertility in men by increasing low sperm count and motility and help counteract male infertility. L-Arginine also produces a natural growth hormone, thus helping to increase the erect size of the erectile tissue in the penis. It is used in sexual stimulants, as people report longer and more intense orgasms when their intake of Arginine is increased. This Extract is a botanical formula that can naturally enhance the levels of Testosterone in the body. L-Arginine also creates nitric oxide in the human body (nitric oxide is one of the most essential substances which influence sexual function in men), and helps to improve circulation and maintains the nitrogen balance.

    Pygeum Africanum

    Pygeum africanum is a tree found in northern Africa. It is used for prostate health to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is an enlargement of the prostate. The enlarged prostate will also interfere with ejaculatory power. Extracts improve urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy, and can also improve sexual behavior in men. It can inhibit growth factors responsible for the increase in prostate size, and actually reverse the process and shrink the prostate gland. Because of the prostate problem most men also experience a decline in their sexual desire and performance. However with Pygeum africanum an improvement of sexual behavior has been obtained. Because of its anatomical position, nothing can interfere with a man's sex life faster than a swollen prostate. To compound this potential problem, the prostate can become swollen for many reasons. Adrenal Substance provides nutritional support for healthy adrenals. Adrenals are known to fuel the sex drive and produce male characteristics. Prostate Substance and Orchic (Testes Substance) provide specific nutritional support for the prostate gland. Infertility, impotence and prostate problems are minimized when these glands are healthy.

    Smilax Officianalis v. omata Smilax regelii

    Used traditionally for stamina improvements Smilax is a powerful natural testosterone energizer for improved physical performance of any nature. The formula contains a precise blend of cutting edge pro-sexual nutrients from around the world that provide nutritional support and help make it possible for a man to have a pleasurable sexual experience. Smilax Officianalis would be classified generally as a "blood purifier. This Extract is a botanical formula that can naturally enhance the levels of Testosterone in the body. Smilax purifies the urino-genital tract, dispelling all infection and inflammation. It also stimulates the production of reproductive hormones, and has tonic action on the sexual organs. Smilax helps to increase testosterone levels in the body. It is said to excite the passions, making men more virile, naturally. Used traditionally to combat fatigue and improve stamina. Smilax is a powerful natural testosterone energizer for improved physical performance of any nature.

    Is there an advantage to taking a pill instead of a liquid?

    We believe you should take the correct amount and this is best accomplished in a pre-measured pill. Liquids require a dropper, teaspoon or a cup. It leaves too much to chance and you can take the wrong dosage. Pills cost more to manufacturer but it is the best method and guarantees the correct dosage.

    I have read that the average penis is about 6 inches. Is there any truth that a man from one country could have a larger penis than a man from another country?

    This is a myth and some companies try to sell products in an effort to have you believe that what they offer may come from a particular country and this will help you grow a larger penis Going strictly by the Kinsey Report which still remains one of the most exhaustive studies on penis size to date, the average white male has a penis measuring 6.2 inches long and 3.7 inches around, whereas the average African black male has a penis 6.3 inches long and 3.8 inches around, for a difference of 0.1 inches. Not what you'd call statistically significant. The bottom line is that there is no significant difference in the size of penises between the average white male and the average African black male.

    Pro-V Pills Advanced Extra Strength Formula by Foundation Nutriceuticals

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 1 pill
    Servings per Container 60

    Amount per Serving

    Epunedum Sagitum or Horny Goat Weed 200mg
    Yohimbe (bark) 300mg
    Ginkgo Biloba (root) 100mg
    Oriental Ginseng (root) 100mg
    Saw Palmetto (berries) 100mg
    Muira Puamo (whole herb) 100mg
    Maca (bark) 25mg
    Catuaba 25mg
    L-Arginine 25mg
    Smilax Officianalis (root) 25mg
    Pygeum Africanum (bark) 25mg

    Other Ingredients
    Magnesium Stearate, stearic acid

    Take 1 pill daily with or without food. Do not exceed 2 pills daily.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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