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Foundation Nutriceutical's diet pills, weight loss supplements, sexual health products and other vitamins are available to retailers, gym owners, and websites at wholesale prices.

Foundation Nutriceuticals LLC is one of the faster growing lines of supplements on the market. We want you to be part of our success. Are you interested in carrying Foundation products in your store, health club, web site or retail location? Please fill out the form below and one of our experienced representatives will be in touch soon. We look forward to our mutual success!

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I-Supplements.com is a proud online retailer of Foundation Nutriceuticals. Their same day customer service is second to none. Most wholesale orders we place arrive the very next day. Hydroxytrol is one of our supplement websites best selling diet pills. We have been more than pleased with our relationship with Foundation Nutriceuticals.

I-supplements Owner
Bryce Purvis
We have been retailing Foundation Nutriceutical supplements since their inception in 2004. Foundation products make up 7 of our top 50 selling products. The margins are superior to other brands and their customer service has been perfect. All manufacturers should be this easy to work with.

AL Alexander
Supplements To Go.com
Phoenix AZ
Foundation Nutriceuticals has been a staple of our revenue since we started our online supplement website. Our customers come back again and again to buy their diet pills. This is a testament to their quality.

Norm Holmes
ABC Supplements
Tampa Florida
As a gym owner it was important to me to sell items that my customers could not buy online cheaper than I could buy them myself. Foundation Nutriceuticals maintains their pricing throughout all their vendors. The sexual enhancers allowed me to sell items to my customers outside the bodybuilding supplement genre.

Autumn Tays
Speedys Fitness Center
Cincinnati OH
Foundation Nutriceuticals is our most profitable line of supplements. Their strict control and screening of who they allow to sell their products keeps the line in demand and makes certain that their products are sold only by reputable vendors.

Bryan Thomas
Live Lean Today
Gilbert, AZ.
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